5 Best Budget Gaming Laptop Under $500 in 2022

Whether you are a PC gamer or not, you probably hear a lot about gaming laptops. They are different from regular laptops because they not only have the latest hardware for laptops, but also cool features that make gaming easy and fun (even when you’re not playing on them). The 5 Best Budget Gaming Laptop Under 500 Dollars in 2022 are listed below.

So, if you are interested in getting a gaming laptop but you want to save money, here are some cheap gaming laptops under $500. This list is compiled based on a number of factors, including performance, weight, display quality, battery life, and price. The table below contains a complete summary of our results for each laptop.

However, if you are a casual gamer, or you play primarily non-demanding games, you should be able to get by with a $500 gaming laptop. Within this price range, you can still find budget-friendly laptops that will allow you to play games like League of Legends, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Dota 2, Minecraft, Hardstone, and more. So, if you need a gaming laptop for under $ 500 and you can’t go with a desktop instead, the options below are your best bet.

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The 5 Best Budget Gaming Laptop Under $500 in 2022



Coming back to the details of the laptop, its price is the most interesting thing to know. Being a low-budget gaming laptop, it looks even more attractive. The ASUS Chromebook is made of aluminum chassis, just like the ASUS Chromebook C100. But this time it has an anodized layer instead of a clean structure. So the display is flawless and it makes gaming more fun.

The long and bar-shaped hinges of the original Chromebook C100 have been changed for this model. This small and smart ASUS Chromebook flip mechanism makes it very easy to use as a notebook. Weighing only 2.6 pounds. It’s easy to get around. So the issue of portability is solved here. It is one of the lightest books in Chrome, surpassing 2.86 pounds. HP Chromebook 13. It can also be used in tablet mode, so it is also a plus point.

Google has added an Android Integration Platform to Chrome OS devices in tablet mode. The ASUS C302 doesn’t have direct access to the Google Play Store, so you’ll need to go to the Chrome OS beta channel to download the games and applications you need. Therefore, this Chromebook is fully authorized to use and stay in the Android ecosystem. The tablet is just as easy to make in the Google Play Store.

Fortunately, this Chromebook is equipped with gyroscopes, so it allows you to play animated games using virtual reality. For example, games like Asphalt 8. The C302’s high-performance processor runs as fast as a 2.2 GHz, Core m3, Dell Chrome Book 13 with a silver processor. This makes it clear that it can work easily even when the windows are open on two windows with 12 open tabs on each. Also, we had some music playing in the background. Due to its high performance, more gaming experience is required.

The Chromebook Flip is a great example of this. Because Chromebooks are known to have a long life, it is not only the fastest but also the fastest and longest premium Chromebook. It runs for 10 hours and 46 minutes on a standard local movie playback test. For comparison, the Acer Chromebook 14’s battery ran out 10 minutes ago and the HP Chromebook 13 lasted only 8 hours. So this is quite a gift for the party. Based on the results of battery life, it will be much easier to play games for a long time.

Pros & Cons

  • Classy design
  • High performance
  • Long battery life
  • Not very bright display
  • Medium quality speakers
  • No direct access to Google Play Store


Best Budget Gaming Laptop in 2021



ASUS Vivo’s book F510UA is one of the great products manufactured by ASUS company. From performance to display, this model looks like a “born for gaming” laptop. Speaking of the display, its ultimate limit is the 0.3-inch ASUS Nano Edge bezel. This makes the body 80% of the screen. This model allows the 15-inch FHD wide view to fit into the overall 14-inch workstation layout.

The ASUS Vivo Book F510UA is thinner and lighter than any product available today. It weighs only 3.75 pounds. You could say that it has the power of an ultra-book common workstation and conservatism. ASUS is also known for its superb gaming monitor manufacturing and that is why you are concerned about being a gamer.

The ASUS Vivo Book F510UA is an ideal blend of performance and function. It’s a Windows 10 terminal powered by an eighth-generation Intel Core i5-8250U processor, 8GB of DDR4 RAM, and an ASS Nano Edge display revolution. This makes it a very suitable gaming laptop.

Very high performance and expensive laptop also have 8 GB RAM and Intel Core i5. But the presence of these features in the ASUS F510UA makes it easy for low-budget laptop gamers to buy it.

Although lower in cost than other high-performance laptops, its performance and high gaming make it stand out among many of today’s high-performance laptops. The ASUS model overcomes the huge cost constraint and strives to deliver all in one low-budget laptop.

Another prominent feature of Asus is that it is powered by an Intel Core processor. This is because it offers extremely smooth styles without any interference. Interested in playing high definition and high-quality games on this ASUS model. Also, its extremely fast dual-band Wi-Fi allows you to enjoy speeds up to 867Mbps. Therefore, online gaming is not a problem when using ASUS F510UA.

Pros & Cons

  • High performance with 8GB RAM
  • Large FHD Display
  • Low price
  • Low battery life
  • No SSD

Best Budget Gaming Laptop Under 500 Dollars



Confidence is the name of the game in the field of Dell Monitor. The Dell Premium Laptop is a versatile gaming laptop that is part of recent innovation. It supports a large number of games without causing the system to slow down. Although this laptop is a budget laptop, its performance and graphics are better in terms of price.

Dell Premium integrates well with Intel HD Graphics 620. This feature lets you enjoy vivid and vibrant screen colors, instead of watching your favorite movies or playing your favorite action-thriller games on your PC.

With the perfect size of 15.6, Dell Premium offers you an LED bright screen with True-Life HD. So you can watch your favorite movies, shows, and games on a big screen with a resolution of 1366 x 768. The 1366 x 768 resolution is considered to be the most commonly used laptop screen for laptops due to its high pulse points. It is compatible with exaggerated display quality with a 16: 9 screen aspect ratio to enjoy a widescreen display.

When it comes to Dell Premium’s performance, you can’t call it good or bad. It is powered by the seventh General Intel Core i3-7100U portable processor. It lets you play multiple games and movies on your computer. Playing non-stop content on your Dell Premium is not a problem, as its processor is efficient enough to work across different domains at the same time. Despite all such actions, this model is not easily reduced.

To play high-quality games, you’ll need stable RAM and ample storage to keep your favorite games safe. For that, Dell Premium comes with 8GB of DDR4 memory. It’s capable of running games, projects, and it’s just the tip of the iceberg. The 128GB SSD is also a jackpot in budget laptops for a quick start. It also has a storage room for your archives and projects.

A USB 3.0 port for high-speed data exchange is 10 times faster than USB 2.0, yet perfectly fine with USB 2.0. The HDMI ™ port lets you view recordings, photos, and games on your HDTV or big screen. Dell Premium has a built-in memory card, which makes file transfers faster and easier. It is also equipped with more clear-cut sound and music for stereo speakers and Max Audio.

Pros & Cons

  • Perfect screen display
  • High performance
  • Supports heavy gaming
  • Touch support is not very good
  • Heavyweight

Best Budget Gaming Laptop Under 500 Dollars



Well, finally, we’re moving on to another Dell laptop product for less than $ 500 for the best gaming laptops. This beautiful laptop is full of possibilities and attention. It completes every task efficiently with this versatile workstation with a state-of-the-art processor.

Speaking of the display, it also has a 15.6-inch widescreen with an HD display. Also, it has a resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels which allows you to enjoy a widescreen display with a 16: 9 screen aspect ratio. It is also equipped with Intel HD Graphics 620 which will enhance the ability of your laptop to display a clear and vivid screen display.

Also, I mentioned the best compatibility of 1366 x 768 pixels resolution with a 16 Inch screen aspect ratio. So if you want to enjoy gaming and movies on the big screen with great graphics, you won’t regret buying Dell Inspiron. The processor is important when it comes to gaming laptops. Dell always ensures the best performance with a durable hard drive. With a 2.5 GHz Intel Core Duo, it provides a smooth platform for gamers to enjoy non-stop gaming.

Also, it has a 2TB mechanical hard drive, so heavy games installed on the PC are no longer a problem. You can install as many games as you like as this model is not slowing down just because of heavy gaming. This is because it also has a higher RAM of 8GB OSDIMDR4.

If we talk about easy productivity, then we can see the great accuracy through the touchpad through fast zoom, point, and substance. With its useful data entry feature, it can crush numbers or discover spreadsheets and report faster with a 10-digit numeric keypad.

Regardless of whether you’re mixing, streaming, or chatting, ViewMax audio messages have imperfections, height, and remarkable sound. Entertained: Watch DVDs, copy CDs, or quickly view programming and applications from an internal optical disc drive in your work area.

Pages, games, and applications start faster due to AMD’s Accelerated Processing Unit (APU) project, which leads to irregular handling and graphical ‘computer courses’ depending on application requirements.

Pros & Cons

  • Good performance
  • Nice display
  • The existence of Bloatware

Best Cheap Gaming Laptop Under 500 Dollars



Unfortunately, the Acer Desire E15’s 15.6-inch display is unexpected. For budget laptops, the display is acceptable fast. It does not come in a good combination. Dull performance and sophistication. But overall, display errors have been overcome with the NVIDIA GeForce MX150 graphics card.

The presence of such a bright and colorful graphics card will be good for screen-budget laptops. Even gaming is fun because of the speed of the screen display. It reaches a maximum brightness of 227nits. ACER ASPIRE E15 has listed in Best Gaming Laptop Under 500 Dollars.

Although cheap, this Acer model has excellent performance. It has an Intel Core i5-8250U quad-core processor which makes it efficient and smart. Therefore, such a strong performance, as well as playing other movies, as well as a better gaming experience is needed. The RAM of Acer Aspire E15 is also compatible with its processor.

6 GB Gaming requires strong RAM, so if you’re on a low budget, you’ll want to check out the Acer model for a better gaming experience. The laptop had enough amps to easily load 10 Firefox tabs, even when I played a YouTube video in 1080p. It is also equipped with a webcam. Battery life is more than 8 hours under Wi-Fi usage and permanent work on it. The Aspire E15’s speakers are loud enough to fill a large room, but overall the sound quality is poor.

On the left, you have a USB-3.1 Type-C port, an Ethernet port, VGA input, an HDMI port, two USB 3.0 ports, and a Kensington lock. An SD card reader is easily positioned on the front left side of the laptop. On the right side of the laptop is the Past Blast, which includes a USB 2.0 port and 8X DVD-RW dual-layer drive.

Pros & Cons

  • In an affordable range of price.
  • Equipped with strong performance tools.
  • Decent battery life.
  • Presence of lots of daily used ports.
  • Heavy
  • Low brightness.

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