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Cleaning Gutters are challenging task, should be aware of some precautions and safety tips. It needs to arrange the possible tools and requirements, more critical to the care priority of gutter from broken. Before starting the cleaning, you have the proper tools and make a clear standing position.

In this article, we can discuss the proper clean method of the gutter. Keep in your mind the length of the gutter, proper adjustment of the ladder, cleaning tools, length of the ladder, etc. Find out the best place to place a ladder while cleaning the gutter.

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  • Proper Ladder Positioning

The ladder’s first step is significant to stabilize the ladder on the ground and on top of the ladder. The ladder position can damage the gutter, and it can slip out you can lose balance. For best practice, finding the best place for the ladder can be stable but don’t worry, you can Use Ladder Stabilizer, and it can help to stop the movement of the ladder top.

  • Ladder Gutter Protector

While using the gutter can, you can use the ladder gutter guard; it helps protect the gutter from ladders. It makes the distance, and the ladder can never touch the gutter corner. Ladder gutter guard keeps away from scratch and getting bent.

  • Using Proper Length Ladder

First, find the length of the house; it’s a one-story house and the length of a two-story house. Then decide the size of the ladder and how long the ladder you can require. There are many sizes and types of ladders on the market, but you should need to buy one long and heavy deity ladder.

You can use Ladder levelers; some of the ground was not plane, and maybe the ladder was unbalanced. Ladder levelers can help to both polls are balanced and with equal position.

  • Secure tool placement

To start cleaning the ladder, you can check the tools are correctly working. If there have not stuck and maybe fall on the gutter, it damages the gutter or can entirely ruin the guttering system. Remember that you can tool keep in one place and never place it on different sides. If some tool falls on the gutter, it can damage your gutter.

  • By making a safe exit after work completion

After completing your work, you can safely exit from the gutter and make sure nothing is on the top. You can keep your ladder legs safe to not fall on the ground while stepping down on the ladder.


So, it is all safety points about how you keep a ladder from damaging gutters. The method and tips point is remembered while cleaning the gutter. Follow this point and make sure all the tools and safety tips follow.


When it comes to ladders, there are a lot of choices when it comes to choosing a ladder. You have the choice between fiberglass and aluminum, among other materials. Both have their pros and cons, but which one is the best for you? Let’s take a look at the differences between fiberglass and aluminum ladders to help you decide.

Each ladder on our list has been carefully evaluated based on key factors such as weight capacity, build quality, and ease of use. So, whether you are a professional installer or a DIY homeowner, you can be sure that one of these ladders will be perfect for your needs.

As seen weight capacity, making it perfect for heavier users. If you are looking for a safe and sturdy ladder, then look no further than the best heavy-duty ladders.

Fiberglass or Aluminum Ladder:

Fiberglass ladders are also more expensive than aluminum ladders, so if you are on a budget, then an aluminum ladder may be the better choice for you. However, if you want a ladder that is going to last longer and be more durable, then a fiberglass ladder is the way to go.

So, which ladder is better for you? It really depends on your needs and what you are looking for in a ladder. If you need a heavy-duty ladder that can hold a lot of weight, then a fiberglass ladder is the way to go. However, if you are on a budget or you need a lighter ladder, then an aluminum ladder may be the better choice for you.

What is a Fiberglass ladder?

Fiberglass is a material that is made from glass fibers that are combined with plastic. It is very strong and durable, making it an ideal material for ladders. Fiberglass ladders are also non-conductive, making them a good choice for use around electricity.

Fiberglass Ladder

What is an aluminum ladder?

Aluminum is a metal that is lightweight and strong. Aluminum ladders are a popular choice because they are lighter than fiberglass ladders and they are also less expensive. However, aluminum ladders are not as durable as fiberglass ladders and they are also conductive, so they are not a good choice for use around electricity.

Aluminum Laddear

Which ladder is better for you?

Depending on your requirements and what you want from a ladder, it can be a little bit difficult to choose the best one. Either Home Use  to maintain the home to fulfill requirements or you are ready to buy for professional use. If you need a sturdy and durable ladder, then a fiberglass ladder is going to be the better choice. However, if you need a lighter ladder that is less expensive, then an aluminum ladder may be the better option for you. Ultimately, it really depends on your own personal preferences and needs.

Which is stronger fiberglass or aluminum?

Fiberglass is stronger than aluminum. However, aluminum is a lot lighter than fiberglass, so it may be the better choice if you need a lighter ladder. Fiberglass ladders are also more expensive than aluminum ladders, so if you are on a budget, then an aluminum ladder may be the better choice for you. However, if you want a ladder that is going to last longer and be more durable, then a fiberglass ladder is the way to go.

How to Choose the Right One? Fiberglass vs. Aluminum Ladder:

When it comes to choosing the right ladder, it really depends on your needs and what you are looking for in a ladder. If you need a ladder that can support a lot of weight, the fiberglass ladder is the way to go. However, if you have a limited budget or require a lighter ladder, an aluminum one might be preferable.

Stability and Weight Capacity:

Both fiberglass and aluminum ladders are stable and have a high weight capacity. However, fiberglass ladders are more durable and have a higher weight capacity than aluminum ladders. Aluminum ladders are lighter than fiberglass ladders, making them easier to carry.

Price Comparison:

Fiberglass ladders are more expensive than aluminum ladders. If you are on a budget, an aluminum ladder may be the better choice for you. However, if you want a ladder that is going to last longer and be more durable, then a fiberglass ladder is the way to go.

Safety and Security:

Both fiberglass and aluminum ladders are safe and secure. However, fiberglass ladders are non-conductive, making them a better choice for use around electricity. Aluminum ladders are conductive, so they should not be used around electricity.

Frequently Asked Question:

Are fiberglass ladders conductive?

No, fiberglass ladders are not conductive.

Do aluminum ladders conduct electricity?

Yes, aluminum ladders do conduct electricity. Therefore, they should not be used around electrical hazards.

Are fiberglass ladders more expensive than aluminum ladders?

Yes, fiberglass ladders are usually more expensive than aluminum ladders.

What is the difference between a fiberglass ladder and an aluminum ladder?

The main difference between a fiberglass ladder and an aluminum ladder is that a fiberglass ladder is stronger and more durable than an aluminum ladder, while an aluminum ladder is lighter and less expensive than a fiberglass ladder. Additionally, fiberglass ladders are non-conductive,


There are a few things to consider when choosing between fiberglass and aluminum ladders. Both types of ladders have their own advantages and disadvantages. It really depends on your needs and what you are looking for in a ladder as to which one is the best choice for you.

If you need a heavy-duty ladder that can support a lot of weight, then a fiberglass ladder is the way to go. However, if you have a limited budget or require a lighter ladder, an aluminum ladder may be the better option for you. Ultimately, it really comes down to your own personal preferences and needs as to which ladder is the best choice for you.


How Tall Is A 2 Story House? The house is not just a simple calculation of an average home; the average high of the house is 25 feet to 35 of two stories. It depends on the Height of the first floor, ceiling, and second floor of the house.

A two-story house is more affordable and always costs less to build than a one-story house. The reason being is that a two-story house will usually be cheaper to build than a one-Story house when it comes to money spent on materials and building costs.

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The Basics of House Size

The basics of house size are to calculate the number of rooms in the house. The primary purpose of this calculation is then to determine the amount of square footage you need for your home. This will help you plan and design your house accordingly. You can use a telescopic ladder for your 2 story house.

If you have decided to build a house with an area of 1000 square feet and want it to have 4 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, 1 half bathroom, 1 full bathroom, and a kitchen, you will need 3400 square feet. You will also need an additional 300 square feet for hallways, closets, and other areas not counted as part of the main room area.

What is a Two-Story House?

A two-story house is a type of house that is taller than a one-story house. A two-story house is often more significant than a one-story house.

What are the benefits of owning a two-story house?

There are many benefits to owning a two-story house. First, a two-story house is more spacious than a one-story house. This means that you can have more space in your home. Second, a two-story house is often more extensive than a one-story house. This means that you can have square footage in your home.

Lastly, a two-story house is often cheaper to buy and maintain than a one-story house. You’ll save on your mortgage by buying a two-story house. Having a reliable ladder for your home is very important.

Average Height of two stories:

An over-two-story house is a few feet taller than a one-story house. The tallest 2 story houses are 8–12 m (26–39 ft) tall. As we consider, the first floor is average is 10 to 12 feet, including the ceiling of the first floor.

Average Floor Space for a Two Story House:

  • Average Floor Space: 7’5″ (2.286m)
  • Average Length of two stories: 24’9″ (7.35m)
  • Average Width of 2-story Home: 37″ (0.92m)
  • Average Height of a one-story house: 22″ (0.56m)
  • Average Length of a one-story house: 12’2″ (3.72m)

How to calculate the tall story:

Multiply the length times height, divide by 4 (20ft x 12ft^2). I have found this useful to show my old driver to a site we were visiting, it was very close, and he wanted to tell me how high everything was, this is how I used to show it off till he stopped asking and I had to tell him the taller truth.

They come in varieties that meet the needs of everyone, from homeowners to manufacturers. They are used in traditional “hillside log cabin style fireplace” and more contemporary versions. Ensure that your fireplace is supplied with a flue cleaner especially made, so it clogs the chimney efficiently but can be cleaned by a fireman using an ordinary 2-handled fire extinguisher should anything go wrong!

How can it affect the two-story home height?

If the ground floor of one of the stories is hard for gardening, it will tilt the ground level to the assumption that it is below low. Modern fire design systems will also minimize this “pyramidal effect,” but quality homes are emphasized. This Height could be changed by offsetting one of the main stories at the Height of the floor -top from above to downstairs as an instance – thus giving different rooms and doors on different levels. The size and quality variations in who’s 2-stories are affected by such effects are summed in this article: two stories rather than two floors.

The Height of a Two-Story Building in Europe

The Height of a two-story in Europe varies. An average length is a minimum of 2.6 meters (8 feet); the legislation in France won’t even allow a height of two meters, making two uses alone. Nicely there is no consensus over the height of Europe, so European countries are relying on their local communities for building.

In the USA, how tall is a two-story house in meters?

The Average Height of a two-story house in the USA is about 4.9 meters (16 feet). The commercial and industrial house size height is 26 feet, equal to 7.9 meters. The number of lights around the second floor should ideally be even.


Are you looking for a safe and reliable step ladder for your home? With so many options on the market, it can be tough to know which one is right for you. In this blog post, we’ll help you choose the best step ladder for home use, based on your needs and budget. Keep reading to learn more!

In any home, there are always projects that need to be tackled that are just out of reach. Whether you’re trying to change a light bulb in a chandelier or get up to fix the roof, sometimes you need a ladder. And if your ceilings are high, you’ll want one of the best ladders for high ceilings that money can buy.

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Step Ladders for home use:

There are many different types of step ladders available on the market, so it can be difficult to know which one is best for home use. In general, however, there are a few things to look for when choosing a step ladder.

First, consider the height of the ladder. You’ll want to make sure that it’s tall enough to reach any areas that you need it to, without being too tall and causing instability.

Next, think about the weight capacity. Most step ladders can accommodate up to 300 pounds, but some are designed for heavier users. If you plan on using the ladder for tasks that require more weight support, make sure to choose one that can handle the load.

Finally, consider the price and features. Ladders come in a range of prices, so it’s important to find..

What are the different types of step ladders and their uses?

There are different type of step ladders in market but not all of them are good for home use. You should consider the following types:

  1. A-frame ladder: An A-frame ladder is a versatile option that can be used for a variety of tasks. It features two side rails and a series of steps in between, making it easy to climb.
  2. Extension ladder: An extension ladder is perfect for reaching high areas. It telescopes out, making it easy to adjust the length to fit your needs.
  3. Step ladder: A step ladder is a basic option that features a series of steps and a single rail. It’s perfect for tasks that don’t require a lot of height or stability. You can choose the best step ladder for home use which is reliable and sturdy.
  4. Multi-purpose ladder: A multi-purpose ladder is a versatile option that can be used for a variety of tasks. It features two side rails and a series of steps in between, making it easy to climb.
  5. Folding ladder: A folding ladder is perfect for compact storage. It collapses down to a small size, making it easy to store in a closet or under a bed.

The benefits of using a step ladder for home projects?

A step ladder is a versatile and essential tool for any home. Here are some of the benefits of using a step ladder for home projects:

  1. Increased safety
  2. Increased stability
  3. Increased reach
  4. Increased flexibility
  5. Increased convenience
  6. Increased affordability

Step ladder safety tips

Here are a few safety tips to keep in mind when using a step ladder:

  1. Make sure the ladder is stable before climbing on it.
  2. Always use the ladder in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.
  3. Keep your body centered on the ladder while climbing.
  4. Don’t lean too far to the side while on the ladder.
  5. Use both hands to climb up and down the ladder.
  6. Don’t use the ladder in wet or icy conditions.

How to safely use a step ladder?

While using step Ladder you should focus on these points for safe work:

  1. Inspect the ladder before use. Make sure that it is in good condition and doesn’t have any damage that could cause it to fail.
  2. Set up the ladder on a level, firm surface. Avoid using it on soft ground or uneven surfaces.
  3. Face the ladder when climbing up or down. Never climb or descend the ladder in reverse.
  4. Use the handrails when climbing. Avoid using the steps as handrails, as this could cause the ladder to tip over.
  5. Don’t stand on the very top run

Which type of ladder is best for home use?

There are a few factors to consider when choosing best step ladder for home use. The most important thing to look for is the height of the ladder. You’ll want to make sure that it’s tall enough to reach any areas that you need it to, without being too tall and causing instability. The most important factor is to measure the height of the roof or area you need to reach then purchase the ladder according to the height.

Werner 7306 stepladders

What size step ladder should I buy?

When purchasing a step ladder, you’ll want to make sure to choose the right size. Step ladders come in a variety of heights, so you can find the perfect one for your needs. Most step ladders range in height from 6 to 12 feet, so take into account the height of the area you need to reach.

You should also consider the width of the ladder. Step ladders come in two different widths: standard and wide. Standard step ladders are typically between 18 and 20 inches wide, while wide step ladders are 24 inches wide. Choose a width that will be comfortable for you to use.

How to store a step ladder when not in use?

When not in use, you’ll want to store your step ladder in a safe, secure place. Folding ladders are a great option, as they can be easily stored away in a small space. You can also store a step ladder in a closet or under a bed. Just make sure to keep it out of the way so that it’s not in the way and safe from damage.

So, there you have it, my comprehensive guide on step ladders! Whether you’re looking for a standard or wide ladder, a folding ladder, or a multi-purpose ladder, I hope this guide has helped you find the perfect ladder for your needs. Be sure to follow the safety tips above to avoid any accidents and happy climbing.


A step ladder is a versatile and essential tool for any home. It can provide increased safety, stability, reach, and flexibility for all of your home projects. When choosing a step ladder, be sure to consider the height, width, and weight capacity of the ladder as well as how you will store it when not in use. With a little bit of knowledge and the right ladder, you’ll be ready to tackle any project, no matter how high up it is.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are step ladders safe?

Yes, step ladders are safe when used properly. Always inspect the ladder before use and follow the safety tips listed above.

What is the best size step ladder for home use?

The best size step ladder for home use depends on your needs. Consider the height of the area you need to reach and choose a ladder that is the appropriate height. You can also choose between a standard or wide width ladder.

How do I store a step ladder when not in use?

When not in use, you can store a step ladder in a closet, under a bed or anywhere else that is safe and out of the way. Just be sure to keep it in a secure place where it will not be damaged.


Laptops are basic need for professional work it should always up. All the computer must be clean up but laptop is most important because everyone carry laptop always. To clean the laptop its little bit difficult but not impossible.

The is import part of your daily life if laptop is damage, then how to work. You should be face on some difficulties. That why be sure and take care of your inflicting damage. If user can clean laptop daily with help of tissue paper or white cloth there is not need for deep cleaning.

Before to start to clean laptop, some key point remembers.

  • First of save work and then turn off the laptop.
  • If connect laptop charging, power off from the charging.
  • Remove the charging cable from laptop.
  • Don’t start as speed work you must be clean laptop with patients.

How To Clean a Laptop Screen and Keyboard? Complete Guide

Clean the Laptop Case

This guideline is only cleaning for the laptop case. To clean the laptop case, you need some cleaning material, detergent, lint free cloth, cotton swabs, and water. To clean the with a piece off cloth just clean the top of the laptop, around the keyboard and bottom of the laptop. Then take liquate on clothe clean first case of laptop and after that clean with water cloth on the top. Last step is clean properly with soft cloth.

Laptop case clean in easy process mix dishwasher detergent in to the water. Take 5 parts of water and 1 part of the detergent and mix 2 mints. Clean the surface of the laptop with normal force don’t apply the force on the laptop because maybe the force damage to your laptop screen or screen is damage.

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Clean the Laptop Screen

This process is little bit complex to clean the laptop screen because laptop screen is very soft and lite. First clean the laptop screen with cotton swap properly. User must remember never use ammonia or alcohol to clean of laptop screen it maybe damages the screen. All kind of chemicals are effect on the screen that way never use of these kinds of chemicals.

Laptop screen are made with glace and some liquate behand the glass. Its best option to buy a cleaning kit for laptop clean and use it. Use Swap cloth to clean the laptop screen in one direction never to clean in circular way. This is the best option for clean the laptop screen start in one side right or left and swap to other side. To doing this way screen clean properly clean and never need to clean again and again.

Clean the laptop keyboard

The laptop keyboard is the filthiest part where need extra cleaning attention. To clean the keyboard user, need damp cleaning cloth. With the help of damp cleaning cloth to clean the keyboard and then clean slightly wet cloth to clean the keyboard and mouse pad with carefully.

Keyboard have some space is there possible a piece of water goes into down and mother board are efforted. Just clean the keyboard and mouse pad after that use air dryer for just one minute. If there is have some water on the keyboard it must be dry from its. If you are not care about this may be your mother board is damage you should face with some problems.

Guidelines to save your laptop

Are there guidelines to save your laptop, when you eat some food and drink laptop keep away. Maybe some mistake something drops on your laptop you face some hard difficulty or face some issues. Before some damage take care of your products. Always keep in bubble bad your laptop a normal bad never bag never bear this material.


PowerPoint empowers you to create the presentation with a slide show of important information like text, chart, image, and voice with slides. PowerPoint developed by Microsoft to use for your business, school, and university presentation any topic. Its electronic display help students and business person to present speech utilizing a collection of slides. How to Record Voice in MS PowerPoint? It’s the best part to show the case on slides one by one with voice recording.

Microsoft PowerPoint

Microsoft provides a complete office package that can be installed once and use one by one as you need for your work. When you install the office on your computer, please pick up the PowerPoint from them. Simple, you can open it and then select the design as you like or find design accounting to your presentation options.

PowerPoint presentation tool to present to digital presentation of the topic to divide into different parts on a slide. You can easily create, edit and customize issues as you like. Create an attractive display with a chart or graph it’s easy to deliver.

Divide the topic into different parts briefly describe in to further slide. You can play slide auto to adjust the time duration when the slide shift to the next slide. You can also add voice with the slide show on the slide.

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How do I record my voice presentation in PowerPoint?

You want to prepare the presentation with a voice recording. It’s easy to add voice and record audio. You also add music, sound bites, or narration to your PowerPoint Presentation and play with the playback option. First of open the PowerPoint from the start button or find out into desktop.

Then select your presentation’s design; it depends on your topic what kind of topic you want to present. If you chose a topic like mathematic, you could design a graph or chart related. Prepare the presentation, divide the topic into different slides and explain one by one. It would help if you remembered the case would be defined properly and, after that, present the sub-topic on other slides.

Add Audio from your PC

You can add audio from your computers like sound bites and background music.

  • Go to Toolbar. Select Insert option.
  • In Media section select > Audio.
  • Select option > Audio on My Pc
  • Select > Audio on My PC.
  • Find the audio file on your PC
  • In the Insert Audio dialog box, select the audio file you want to add.
  • Select Insert.
  • An audio icon will appear on the slide; you adjust the audio box on your slide location. Press play to hear the audio.

How to Record Voice/Audio in MS PowerPoint?

  • Go to Toolbar 
  • Select Insert option
  • In Media section select > Audio.
  • Select Record Audio.
  • Write a name for your audio file, then select Record, and start speaking.
  • Important: Your PC must have a microphone enabled to record audio.
  • To review your recording, select Stop and then select Play.
  • Select Record to start to re-record your clip, or select OK if you’re satisfied.
  • Select and drag the audio icon to where you want it or move your clip on the slide.

Note: If you’re using more than one audio file per slide, it’s advisable to put the audio icon in the same spot on a drop to find it easily.

  • Select Play.

If you Want to Make Changes to your Audio?

  • Select the audio icon and go to Toolbar
  • Select the Audio Tools Playback tab. Then select which options you’d like to use:
  • To trim the Audio, Go to Editing Section.
  • Select Trim Audio and then use the green and red sliders to cut the audio file accordingly.
  • To fade in or fade out audio (in Editing Section), change the number in the Fade Duration boxes.
  • If you adjust the volume, select Volume from Audio Option and choose the setting you prefer.
  • Its chaise how the audio file starts, select the dropdown arrow and select an option
  • In Click Sequence – Plays the audio file automatically with a click
  • Automatically – It plays automatically once you advance to the slide that the audio file is on.
  • When Clicked On – Plays audio only when the icon is clicked on
  • To choose how the audio plays in your presentation, select an option
  • Play Across Slides – Plays one audio file across all slides
  • Loop until Stopped – Plays an audio file on loop until it’s stopped manually by clicking the Play/Pause button.
  • To have the audio play continuously across all slides in the background, select Play in Background.

 How to delete Audio from PowerPoint?

To delete audio, select the audio icon on the slide, press Delete or write click, and then choose delete. The audio file deletes permanently without any changes.


The Laptop is incredible, however, it will help you to remember bad dreams in the event that you have fundamental work pending the laptop battery becomes dead or not charging. Assuming it is the situation, first thing first. So here we will help you How to Charge a Laptop Battery Manually? Step-By-Step Guide.

Try to drain the electric clog to press the button for a minimum of 20 seconds. Back again plug the charger and push to start. It is possible that thoughts come into your mind where you have to charge the battery manually. New thoughts come to your mind about which one is the best way to charge a laptop battery externally. How to charge a laptop battery manually can be difficult but it could be very helpful in really bad situations.

The PCs have become our valuable gadget as we have it consistently on the grounds that it holds our expert documents as well as close to personal information. The Computer gives us the freedom to get to the documents at any time. Any time when it is even a little strange it tends to be a difficult situation. You may be worried about why the laptop stops charging.

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There Have Many Reasons Behind This:

  • The battery will be gone from his life.
  • The charger is not working anymore.
  • The laptop charging port may be loose.
  • The charger creates a problem.
  • Maybe the socket you should use is not electrically alive anymore.

May to find the mentioned possibilities to take the right solution for your laptop. Let me give you advice if your electric port or your laptop charge may have a fault it can help you more. I will advise you to always keep an extra battery for your laptop. It can be better than to say sorry.

External Battery Charger:

The best thing you can do is an external battery charger for your laptop because the manufacturer manufactures the same capacity battery on the other hand if you purchase from a different manufacturer it may be at fault. You can buy it easily from the manufacturer’s website. Make sure you buy a charger for your external battery.

USB-C Type Use as a Charger:

In the beginning, it was not possible to charge a laptop with a USB or USB post. But with the passage of time, it’s possible to charge a laptop to the C Type USB to charge the laptop and transfer the data into another device with high quality of transmission. USB-C type provides the best transfer of data for the other USB-C type device.

USB-C has a miniature unique type of connector and the size of this connector is a micro-USB connector. It’s easy to use as a single cable for use on almost all connecting devices. Even anyone thought it is small, but it connects with mobile devices and laptops compelling.

USB-c type offers two-way transmission like transfer data and to charge the laptop with will need a USB charger to charge the laptop. You can find the c type USB charger from an online store or physical retailer shop easily. First of all, you confirm that your laptop is compatible to charge with your USB-C type. To check the capabilities may find the c USB type port or you may have confusion then to search online write the name and model, to find the USB-C type compatible with your laptop.

Universal Power Adapter:

The universal power adapter is the best adapter to carry on the laptop continuously. It helps you when the black color on your eyes. At that moment you thought what can I do to charge my laptop and start work again?” You cool in your mind and continue to think about what’s source you a variable to use at the moment.

Portable Laptop Charger:

You must be carried on a portable laptop charger. It will be helpful. A portable charging option can make it smart. It can charge your laptop anytime you like, but the difficult part is how to choose the right portable laptop charger. It must focus on the weight and output the adapter to charge properly to the laptop.


Cortana is basically a personal assistant that is developed by Microsoft. Cortana is a personal productivity assistant that provides the ability to Microsoft users to save their important time and focus attention on other important matters.

Some of the important things that Cortana do for its users are:

  • It provides the facility to users to manages their calendar and keep their schedule up to date
  • Also, it lets you create and manage lists
  • Cortana also find facts, info, and definitions for your
  • It opens applications for you on your PC
  • In addition, it set reminders and alarms

Disable Permanently Cortana On Window 10

If you are not comfortable with Cortana, then Microsoft provides you the ability to turn off Cortana straight away easily. Basically, Cortana gives you the facility to search your computer for you, and as a result, it displays notifications, sets reminders, can send emails, and does all of that using your voice. Some of the users might think that Cortana interrupts their work so that they can turn the helper off.

Microsoft has the integration of a digital personal assistant, called Cortana, into Windows 10, May 2020 Update. But this latest new built-in feature may be unhelpful or annoying for some users.

Step-by-Step Guide to turn-off or disable Cortana on Windows 10

We will provide you a complete step-by-step guide to turn off and disable Microsoft’s Cortana (Disable Permanently Cortana) from your Windows 10 computer.

To Turn off Cortana completely on Windows 10

  • Lets Start!
  • First of all, Press the “Start Menu” button

  • Search for and open “Edit group policy

  • Next, go to “Computer Configuration > Administrative Templates > Windows Components > Search

  • Find and open “Allow Cortana

  • Click “Disabled

  • Press “OK“.

Restart your computer, and Cortana should be no more. Rather than “Ask me anything“, the new search box will only say “Search Windows” which seems to be much better now that it doesn’t search the internet for a locally stored document. Stay connected with Reviews Guro for the latest step-by-step guides.