How to Clean a Laptop Screen and Keyboard?

Laptops are basic need for professional work it should always up. All the computer must be clean up but laptop is most important because everyone carry laptop always. To clean the laptop its little bit difficult but not impossible.

The is import part of your daily life if laptop is damage, then how to work. You should be face on some difficulties. That why be sure and take care of your inflicting damage. If user can clean laptop daily with help of tissue paper or white cloth there is not need for deep cleaning.

Before to start to clean laptop, some key point remembers.

  • First of save work and then turn off the laptop.
  • If connect laptop charging, power off from the charging.
  • Remove the charging cable from laptop.
  • Don’t start as speed work you must be clean laptop with patients.

How To Clean a Laptop Screen and Keyboard? Complete Guide

Clean the Laptop Case

This guideline is only cleaning for the laptop case. To clean the laptop case, you need some cleaning material, detergent, lint free cloth, cotton swabs, and water. To clean the with a piece off cloth just clean the top of the laptop, around the keyboard and bottom of the laptop. Then take liquate on clothe clean first case of laptop and after that clean with water cloth on the top. Last step is clean properly with soft cloth.

Laptop case clean in easy process mix dishwasher detergent in to the water. Take 5 parts of water and 1 part of the detergent and mix 2 mints. Clean the surface of the laptop with normal force don’t apply the force on the laptop because maybe the force damage to your laptop screen or screen is damage.

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Clean the Laptop Screen

This process is little bit complex to clean the laptop screen because laptop screen is very soft and lite. First clean the laptop screen with cotton swap properly. User must remember never use ammonia or alcohol to clean of laptop screen it maybe damages the screen. All kind of chemicals are effect on the screen that way never use of these kinds of chemicals.

Laptop screen are made with glace and some liquate behand the glass. Its best option to buy a cleaning kit for laptop clean and use it. Use Swap cloth to clean the laptop screen in one direction never to clean in circular way. This is the best option for clean the laptop screen start in one side right or left and swap to other side. To doing this way screen clean properly clean and never need to clean again and again.

Clean the laptop keyboard

The laptop keyboard is the filthiest part where need extra cleaning attention. To clean the keyboard user, need damp cleaning cloth. With the help of damp cleaning cloth to clean the keyboard and then clean slightly wet cloth to clean the keyboard and mouse pad with carefully.

Keyboard have some space is there possible a piece of water goes into down and mother board are efforted. Just clean the keyboard and mouse pad after that use air dryer for just one minute. If there is have some water on the keyboard it must be dry from its. If you are not care about this may be your mother board is damage you should face with some problems.

Guidelines to save your laptop

Are there guidelines to save your laptop, when you eat some food and drink laptop keep away. Maybe some mistake something drops on your laptop you face some hard difficulty or face some issues. Before some damage take care of your products. Always keep in bubble bad your laptop a normal bad never bag never bear this material.

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