How to Make PS4 controller Vibrate Continuously? Full Guide

It’s been bound to happen, Finally, Sony revealed the PS4 console and with the new generation of PlayStation regulators. They have some changes from PS3 to PS4 we have seen a great change in terms of designs, controller, color, aesthetics, and controls. In PS4 the new changes are not much superior to make the controls to the other gaming consoles. I thought that is the best quality make it better for make it best for you. So, the quality is matters from person to person everyone has different choices different ways of things. How to Make PS4 controller Vibrate Continuously (Constantly) is defined below.

Who makes the best PS4 Controller?

As we know PS4 Controller manufacture is Sony Dual Shock in the best PS4 Controller. The PS4 very popular console and get the best controllers as we compare edge. The best thing comes with a stunning console it provides easy to hold, perfect in terms of aesthetics with smooth to hold, and well-rounded. The best balance of quality looks, price, and perfect compatibility to make one of the best choices for a winner.

As a number of people, they have different thoughts to find out the best controller with their desire. Some people are like with controller colorful, some like fully transparent, some go with controller and controller to be vibrating continuously. But we have frequently seen people asking “How to make a PS4 controller vibrate continuously.” If the ps4 controller not vibrating follow these steps to find out your solution also find how to turn off vibration on the ps4 controller.

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How to enable vibration in PS4 controllers?

Follow these steps on how you can enable vibration in your PS4 controller.

  • In your Home screen go to setting
  • Then go to Device
  • Then check the “Enable Vibration”

Follow and apply these steps “ps4 turn on vibration”

Features of PS4 Dual Shock Controllers

The PS4 Dual Shock has 4 controller features a directional pad, two sticks, four triggers, plus triangle, Circle, cross, and square buttons just like a classic PlayStation controller. It’s also has a touchpad on the front PlayStation move like a “light bar”. The start, select button moves into the side and a 3.5 mm headphone jack easy to plug the dead phones. The touchpad can be used to touch interaction and without a doubt. The color change of the light bar allows the controller to increase the value of PS4’s.

Colors Choices

The original color Dual Shock 4 (CUH-ZC 1) is available in these colors Jet Black, Magma Red, Wave Blue, Silver, Gold, Urban Camouflage, and Steel Black.

The original color Dual Shock 4 (CUH-ZCT 2) is available in these colors Jet Black, Electric Purple, Blue Back, Magma Red, Wave Blue, Silver, Gold, Sunset Orange, Crystal, Red Crystal, Urban Camouflage, Blue Camouflage, Red Camouflage, Rose Gold, and Steel Black.

PS4 Controller Front

PS4 controller comes with a beautiful display put on these buttons on the front side. Directional buttons place on the front left side it’s easy to control the direction. With the Directional button come Share button to share with that. Touchpad/Touchpad button place on the front top. Also, come to some more button-like Speaker, Options button, Right stick (R3 button), PS button, Stereo headset jack, Extension Port, and left stick/L3 button.

PS4 Controller Top

PS4 Controller comes with fee button to use take an action R1 button, R2 button, Lightbar, L1 button, L2 Button, USB port.

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