What is the Best Operating System (OS) Gaming? [2022 Analysis]

What is the best operating system for gaming? When buying a new pc, attention creates in your mind which one of the best operating system for gaming. You have a different choice in your mind, but you not chose one for the best gaming operating system. May you have choice windows, Linux, Ubuntu, Mac OS, or something else.

Yes, we have an excellent option for you; Windows is the best gaming operating system for gaming because windows provide the best Graph User Interface (GUI) can your most exhaustive selection of games. Windows is the better operating system for gaming other than Linux or Mac OS. There have different king perception of people and own advantages and disadvantages.

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This article will briefly overview the top 3 Best Operating Systems Windows, Linux, and Mac OS.


Microsoft Windows is a widely used operating system in the world. Most people have thought operating systems for gaming are just about fancy consoles, expensive hardware, and cool gadgets. But that is not true, and this is a sensitive matter to choosing the correct operating system can make a significant difference.

Before you look at what is the best operating system for gaming in 2021? They have a comparison of different windows versions. A few years old Microsoft Windows is used for office work bur passive of time, Microsoft search for a new king of technology and provides the best graphical user interface. Use can quickly communicate and perfume tasks as they want.

Microsoft Windows XP

Microsoft Windows XP is used starting days vary a long time. It is considered a robust and secure operating system. They have good performance these days. But time is gone the new software come in the market. Windows XP is never run new kind of software, and the graph is the wrong thing because the chart is not good. That why it is not suitable for the gaming setup; it’s not a good option.

Microsoft Windows 7

Microsoft Windows 7is mainly used in offices because they good user interface. Users can efficiently work on this operating system. A few days ago, Windows 7 is the best operating system for gaming. This operating system has excellent performance with the speed of the system.

The system provides unlimited entertainment without any disturbance as time introduces new technology and the new version of the software. This operating system has a driver problem; when you install this operating system, they have to miss primarily drivers. You should install all driver that is important for your system.

Microsoft Windows 10

Windows 10 is the latest version from Microsoft. This operating system has preinstalled drive for primary use. Increasing the gaming size and providing a great graphic for the user mostly use all-around windows 10. This is the best windows operating system for gaming, mostly use all around the world. Windows 10 is the modern software structure that helps gamers run games without any hurdles. When you use windows 10, you should face minimum failure or breakdown. Windows 10 provides its online store many games you should install easily and play as better performance with more user-friendly.


Linux is most heard as an operating system that is used for back-end programmers and hackers. Also, Linux most use in data center and backup programing. Linux is a robust system and available options. This open-source operating system the best forever anyone can access and install easily. They spot the games, but it’s more difficult to play from the window or Mac OS. Linux has bad facture like sophisticated design, performance issues, and slower speed.


Mac os is the most expensive system as compare to others in the market. They also provide good features like exceptional graphics and a secure system. Rather than other systems, they have weak virus protection and grants very fever change of the viruses or threats as they compare into gaming point of view its little bit high-cost system and lack of performance, in games loading heavy graphics.

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