What is the Most Common Pointing Device on Laptops?

What is the Most Common Pointing Device on Laptops? Point devices that help you move the cursor on the screen to control and select items by clicking buttons also provide more options. In advance, technology creates a better option to work fast and easy way. Graphical User Interface (GUI) the point devices work or perform the task as the user Requirement. Its short technology allows the user to operate and function the best option without any time waste easily.


As we know, “Mouse” is the most common use point devices laptop, computer. A laptop mouse used to move on hands plane surface select the items by clicking a button. The movement of the character or indication of the pointing device can change the visually on the screen.

While the most common point device is a mouse, but many more devices are made. A mouse is the most commonly used computer. It is easy to drag and drop items with your fingers with press buttons. In the past, Mouse comes finger control, forward/back button, scroll wheel; it isn’t easy to do work. Nowadays, a mouse comes with two buttons right click and left click in between is a wheel. It has a roles ball now replace by the laser.

The computer mouse controls the movement of the cursor to pick up files and drag and drop. Without a mouse, it more difficult to select items and working on them. In this Mouse left click help you choose items and then write click help us provide more options like delete, copy, cut, paste, and property.

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How Many Types of Mouse:

Computer Mouse has different type as they have own additional functionality.

Finger Mouse

It is a small size and different kind of Mouse that fits into your fingers. This mouse work strapped to the index finger; the button is working with the thumb. It can use any surface.


Foot mice are used to operate with your foot. It performs the same functionality as the normal computer mouse. Place the button with the foot fingers you can work on the computer. Who they people are disability or limitations upper body they are work with farmhouse.

Camera Mouse

The camera mouse also a point devise. Its works with the impression of your body and a complete application to control the cursor by moving your head in front of the webcam.

Mouse Connection Ports:

  • USB
  • Serial Port
  • Bluetooth
  • Infrared

Example of Pointing Devices

While talking about What is the Most Common Pointing Device on Laptops? Then the mouse is most common one. The computer mouse has been improving. Some have other example pointing devices.

Light Pen

Light per is known as laser pen. From this come out laser light was put on screen, and the sensor was sense location on the cell.


The stylus is simple, like a pen to touch on the screen the cursor move. The screen was touch when the pen trace the screen touch sensor understand to move.


Trackball base on the ball put into a socket there has a sensor. When we move the ball sensor should send a message.


There have some buttons on the plane area we can control the cursor with the help of aero buttons. The button is Right, Left, Down, and top. Press the button cursor will follow the direction.


Joysticks are normally used to play games and assistive technology. A handle grip on hand has a button on the top to press the button acts and move to handle it and move cursor direction.

Finger on the touch screen:

Touch screens are mostly mobile. To act and follow the direction with the help of movement of the finger.

Why Mouse is a pointing device?

The Mouse is called a pointing device because Mouse can move on a surface to control the cursor on the screen. With the help of a mouse, move to point anything on the internet.

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